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REGION: Asti Piemonte Italy
Barbera is certainly one of the archetypal Piemontese grapes, grown in the dreamy surroundings of the Monferrato hills. Compared to Nebbiolo, the general Barbera style is more in tune with the average contemporary consumer’s tastes: Bold, deep juice, and marked with a punchy acidity. The Asti style is the archetypal variation of a great Barbera, lighter than its fleshier Alba counterpart.

Winemaker Notes:
The 2019 Barbera d'Asti DM ESTATE is rich concentration and relatively tame acidity, Aromas of blueberry, wet earth and a hint of orange peel come through, and this Barbera’s full body and intensity are balanced by a silky-smooth finish, combining richness with finesse.

Barbera D'Asti

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