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Health Benefits 

Choosing to eat biological products is lifestyle choice. It means adopting a diet that combines all the possible benefits without weighing down our body, without causing stress to the liver, assisting the digestive process and the elimination of excess fats. A complete meal must chemically provide: proteins, fats or lipids, sugars or glucose, mineral elements, vitamins and water. But at the same time must be tasty and satiating keeping in mind the nutritional positive and negative values of each meal. Knowledge of the quality of what we eat is fundamental.


Our modern culture has come to realize that our society has created a vast amount of diet anomalies.


We have undergone phases of anabolic steroids, growth hormones and altering our food groups without acknowledging that our bodies would be the ones carrying out the digestive process. Thus creating an upsurge of cancers and allergies. Diabetes and cholesterol become diseases of the future. Among the first organs stricken were the stomach, liver and digestive system. Now we are wondering whether these substances will leave traces in our brain structure and consequently on our nervous system. In view of these current events eating biologically sound has become imperative.

The need to eat with set standards.

Associating eating with taste, flavor, quality and health.
Creating trust in the origins of primary producers.


The Monterosso farro label is self explanatory in its details


Absorbed proteins    11.7    

Important substances assisting growth, skin development and maintenance, creation of hormones and enzymes. Ensuring immunity against diseases. Entering the digestive tract after being split into amino acids.


Fats and lipids    1.1    

Essential fatty acids and liposoluble vitamins are indispensable to our bodies. Increasing the time of gastric activity and decreases the absorption of alcohol. Recommended limited intake as it can foster obesity.



Conatains starch, an important polysaccharide containing 50% of the recommended average daily intake

Calcium / Iron    27 mg/1001.1 mg/100 gm    

Mineral elements that are needed for growth and energy, activating metabolic Iron reaction and devoid of calories.

Cholesterol    10.8 mg/100gm    

Cholesterol is a type of fat combined with specific proteins that circulates in the ol blood stream. certain proteins assist the cholesterol in returning to the liver system and thereby exiting the body. Other types of proteins assist deposits in the arterial walls that can block the blood stream. Being aware of cholesterol levels in food elements is therefore fundamental.


Total Carbohydrates    72.2    

Calories    345.5    


Dietary fibre  

Farro pasta contains remarkable quantities of fibers.

Over ten times greater than common bran pasta (with an analogous calorie content)

  • 50 times superior than common bread fibers

  • 3 times greater than whole meal bread

  • 7 times greater than barley equivalent to oats


A high content of fiber is fundamental because fiber has a vegetable constitution which the human digestive system cannot digest but which the intestinal bacteria can transform.



fibers help to increase mastication and friction assisting the cleansing of our teeth and promoting dental health.
fibers help to slow feelings of hunger as they take a longer time to process and empty the stomach allowing a certain control over appetite. Dietary fibers help keep the intestinal tract empty and regular.Fiber therefore has a positive effect on metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hyper-cholesterol, constipation, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and can help prevent cancer of the colon.


Farro has a very low content of cholesterol. A brief comparison to other food items:

  • 56 times less than eggs

  • 10 times less than egg noodles

  • 7 times less than parmesan cheese


Calcium is also an important factor in the first tender post-natal years as well as in all stages of adulthood for the prevention of osteoporosis.


Hence with this point of view it is evident that pasta made from Farro represents a sensible choice valid for health conscious connoisseurs that are continuously on the lookout for natural, healthy and balanced food products.


The rediscovery of farro is not simply due to the rekindling of interest for old traditions or to the reconnection to a rustic cuisine, less sophisticated and undoubtedly deemed healthier: The well being that can be obtained from a constant farro diet is real. In the introduction we jokingly made reference to the sexual prowess of the populations living in the Garfagnana area, where sexual desire and activity in old age is legendary, this is not proven scientifically, but consumption of farro is very high in this area.


Examining further its qualities, we discover that farro is a rich source of vitamins of the group A-B-C-E and of mineral salts, containing phosphorous, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It has a tonic and anti anemic effect, since it contains proteins, polyunsaturated acids and iron, manganese, copper and cobalt, bran and oils contained in its grains facilitate the digestive process in the intestines, it is refreshing and eliminates constipation, its main characteristic, however, is its anti oxidant properties, due to the elevated amounts of selenium and phytic acid, these substances inhibit the formation of free radicals, which are the worst culprits towards the aging process and any form of cellular degeneration, in order to better qualify our declarations we quote here some excerpts from the October 1991 issue of “Fondamentale”, the Italian Association for Cancer Research Newsletter:


“On the role played by fiber in tumor prevention, particularly for colon an breast tumors, the consensus of scientists is by now very widespread”


At a simpler level, let us take constipation, for example, one out of two women is afflicted by this discomfort: well, instead of relying on the latest most advertised laxative, a slight increase in fiber in the diet, and an increase in water drinking can resolve it, fiber seem to extend a protective action also against gallbladder stones, on unruly fat metabolism and on obesity (since they give a feeling of satiety and fullness), but not all fiber is the same, there is soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, the latter is the one responsible for tumor prevention. Insoluble fiber, contained principally in cereal coating, and present in bran and whole flower, arrives unaltered in the stomach and when there it begins to absorb water and swell, until it reaches maximum volume in the colon and in the rectum. The insoluble one seems to inhibit and excessive concentration of biliary acids in the intestinal tract and thereby enact a protective role against chemical cancerogenisis.”

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